Attention to environmental protection is fundamental to our production.

The Company

We are specialized in the production of flexible packaging, reels/tubulars, bags in low and high density polyethylene, homopolymer polypropylene, cast and coextruded.

ISO9001 certified, we are a dynamic structure with production lines of new technology that allows us to manage all your needs and / or urgency.

Our Production

Cast polypropylene bags, coextruded or biaxially oriented, high transparency

Very bright material, ANTIFOG (anti-mist), created to enhance the products placed in them, good mechanical properties, suitable for containing textiles (knitting, socks, tights) and food, can be used for packaging of salads and all fresh line products.

Bioriented, coextruded polypropylene film for packing and wrapping fruits and vegetables, suitable for packaging machines; the material is available in ANTI-UV version .

Bioriented, coextruded polypropylene for packaging of bakery products, as cookies, snacks, bread, breadstick and industrial products … Perforated polypropylene film, suitable for packing all products exhaling stew ( ex. Delicatessen products, bread, cheese, vegetables…)

Low density polythene bags

Very transparent material, good mechanical characteristics, can be produced with thickness up to more than 220 my, suitable both for industrial use (small metal parts, injection molding , …) and for the food, suitable for the packaging of products to be frozen; the bags are always available in stock in various sizes and thicknesses to get round at your needs.

Low density polythene bags with pressure closure (zipper)

Low density polythene bags with zipper , suitable to industrial products including food; good transparency, excellent mechanical properties, ideal for those who need a kind of bag that can be reopened, always available in various size in stock.

Double pocket/compartment bags in low density polythene

Suitable for those who need to attach a document; two bags are welded together, the first one with a zip closure to contain the product, the second one where you can insert or a second product or a document; this bags are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and hospital, always available in stock in various sizes.

Slider closure bags

Cast polypropylene bags, coextruded or biaxially oriented, high transparency

Good mechanical properties, it can be produced with staple, with European or simple hole, with or without reinforcement, it also can be produced by welding in order to separate two articles within the same bag; suitable for those who need to hang and to show their products; available with flap, flap with removable adhesive for those who need to open and close the bag several times, or with permanent adhesive for those who need that the bag is no longer open.

Documents bags

With or without adhesive, ideal product for improving your logistics, suitable to be applied to bags or boxes to including guarantees, shipping documents, ….

Film reels, tubular or single fold machinable

  • low or high density polyethylene
  • for manual or authomatic packaging
  • suitable for food contact  
  • neutral or colored, perforated and customizable printing

Bags to pack tires (we are enable to personalize bags as your request )

Economic, very resistant, in various sizes and colours, generic or personalized ; we have always in stock it.

  •  Seat cover rolls
  • Wheel cover reels

The fully customizable up to 8 colors.

Pedal or welders counter from 200 to 600 mm

For bags or reels sealing in low or high density polyethylene, cast polypropylene, co-extruded or biaxially oriented.

disposable HD (high density) transparent polyethylene gloves

  • Production and sale of flexible packaging in high or low density polyethylene and polypropylene;
  • Bags neutral, colorful, with personalized printing, with zipper or flap adhesive also perforated;
  • Polyethylene bags suitable for contact with food;
  • Antistatic bags;
  • Fireproof bags;
  • Document holder bags;
  • Mater-Bi bags, biodegradable bags and shopping bags, plastic sheets , roll bags, shaped garment covers bags, industrial plastic lengths, double welding bags, films for automatic/machinable packaging;
  • Knitwear bags, bags for magazines, also double pocket bags;
  • Seat cover rolls, manual and machinable film ;
  • Reels of tubular or single fold ( minimum width 35 mm );
  • Shoppers and shopping bags , all suitable for food packaging;
  • Recycled material reels and bags;
  • Pluriboll and foam bags, sheets and reels, also suitable for electrical equipment (antistatic bags);
  • Various sizes of bags and film, tubulars and reels in stock according to customer requirements;
  • Possibility of printing up to 8 colors;
  • Bags for packaging protective masks
  • Disposable shoe covers
  • Disposable seat covers
  • Disposable car mats
  • Disposable car protection kit
  • Disposable HD (high density) transparent polyethylene gloves